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March 19-21, 2019 | Boston, MA

About Event

The ongoing torrent of successes and setbacks from the leaders in the field have shown there is still much to be learned about what it takes to develop clinically successful checkpoint drugs and combination strategies.

At the heart of these challenges there is a mechanistic understanding of the body’s immune-based anti-tumor responses. The ICI-IO Combinations Summit is focused exclusively on how to leverage this integral system to deliver maximum clinical benefit through the combinations of immune checkpoint modulators with immuno-oncology therapies.

Rather than a broad, general overview of the IO space, this meeting will deliver specific, granular insights on the preclinical, translational and clinical challenges that drug developers face when seeking out combination partners for their ICI drugs, and vice versa. We will deliver a combination of case-study based stories of successes and failures, partnered with insight-led discussion to provide solutions to intricate IO challenges.

Join us in breaking the current cycle of clinical failures we are seeing and establish a strategy that means you can enter the clinical with confidence that you will achieve success.

For more information, download the full event guide.