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March 19-21, 2019 | Boston, MA



Workshop A
MARCH 19, 2019

09.00 - 12.00
Pre-Clinical Development Challenges in Checkpoint Modulators and IO Combinations
Workshop Leader: Mithun Khattar, Scientist & Immuno-oncology lead, Takeda


The path to clinical success begins in the lab. We have seen a lot of molecules struggled through clinical phases due to a lack of
pre-clinical understanding.

This workshop will give you the practical skills and insight to help you make informed decisions at the preclinical phase, leading you to more robust and reliable results at the trial stage. Through
case studies and group discussions, this interactive session will dive into the following areas, which prime your preclinical understanding prior to the main conference:

Topics that are being covered include:

  • A breakdown of the models that are currently available, their relative translatability and where they can be implemented best for both ICIs and IO combinations
  • An analysis of the key challenges that are being faced at the preclinical stage and the key developments that will enable us to overcome them
  • Look at how you can build a robust scientific rationale at the preclinical stage to drive greater success at the clinical phase

Mithun Khattar, Scientist & Immuno-oncology lead, Takeda